PVC doors and windows

PVC windows and doors are made from plastic materials (Polyvinyl chloride) obtained from natural raw salt and oil. In comparison to aluminium windows and doors it is characterized by similar specifications, but also somewhat lower price, which makes it very attractive for every object.

The main advantages of PVC windows and doors are easy to mount and maintain as well as a high degree of exploitation with regard to materials of which PVC is made and is not subject to corrosion.

More than 40% of heat loss is happening trough windows and doors, which is a much bigger loss than through the walls. With that in mind PVC windows and doors with all the characteristics that adorn the imposed at the same time as the cheapest and most effective way of improving the energy efficiency of each object.

Therefore, it is very important to make the right choice for windows and doors when building new and adaptation old buildings.

PVC Windows and doors produced by BOB Ltd. are highly energy efficient and improve your thermal insulation up to 40%. Thanks to the most modern imported PVC profiles and low-emission glass with argon gas filling is possible to achieve low coefficient heat passage (K coefficient) of only 0.5 W/m2K.

A very important thing you should take into account is installation of PVC systems where the process of installation and assembling is very important to avoid heat loss on the connections between objects and systems. With our trained team of experienced craftsmen and techincian you will be sure that the installation was performed professionally and thus maximum thermal potential of PVC windows and doors will be achieved, and that your PVC windows and door were mounted successfully.

The main advantages of PVC windows and doors are:

  • There is no rust and rotting – wood and metal elements are subject to decay and rust, which is not the case; Unlike wooden or metal elements PVC does not require additional protection;

  • Easy to maintain – it is sufficient to wipe it periodically with soft cloth and lubricate according to the manufacturers instructions.;

  • Fire resistant plastic profiles will burn if exposed to excessive heat, this material is labeled self-extinguishing;

  • No deformation plastic profiles are strong and durable, shock resistant and do not absorb water;

  • No painting needed;

  • Easy to install;

  • Excellent thermal and sound insulation – windows are made of two layers of glass, which in combination with PVC frames achieves even greater success in reducing heat loss.


  • Made in different styles, with different options that can satisfy different needs;

  • Ecologically justified even tho plastic takes a long time to decompose in nature is commendable that PVC materials can be recycled and their manufacture saves energy;