Among other things that are in our business offer is metalwork. Perhaps the most important representative are ribbed metal sheets. This type of cover is most frequently applied to cover the halls, but increasingly also for covering buildings and office space. Can be used for vertical mounting as facade element. All elements produced by BOB DOO meet all the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008. The main characteristics of our ribbed sheets are their resistance to shocks and to loads resulting in wintertime because of the large amount of snow, ie the weight of snow. Non-flammable protective layer prevents the spread of fire due to fire corvettes. Our offer also includes other elements made of sheet metal:

  • Gutters various forms (half round, square, hexagonal)

  • Chimney covers

  • Flashings for chimneys

  • Water collectors

  • Snow stops

  • Flashings for windows

All manufactured tins are made of material desired by investors (galvanized sheet, copper sheet, aluminum sheet, plastic sheet, black plate, tin plate, stainless steel). All manufacturing materials are of the highest quality.