Auminum windows and doors

Due to the light weight and durability, aluminum, ie. Aluminum doors and windows are the right solution for glazing large areas because it can be made to fit with the openings of any size and shape. For example, aluminum doors and windows can be combined with glass facades or partition walls in the business area.

One of the biggest disadvantages of aluminum doors and windows was its energy inefficiency since it is known that, like any metal, aluminum is a good conductor of heat. However, the today  Aluminum doors and windows are featured with thermal break (thermal bridge). The disadvantages are eliminated and improved the sound and thermal characteristics of aluminum joinery.

Aluminum doors and windows have characteristic that other materials lack of, and thous aluminum doors and windows are higher quality and attract more customers. Aluminum profiles used in production guarantee a very long product life, and because of all those characteristics are the best choice for manufacture of elements that wold not be possible with different type of materials, ie. PVC or wood. Besides that aluminum is very resistant to all atmospheric influence and is lighter than PVC and it is most often used in manufacture of large segments like office space, garage doors or building facades. It is important to point out that aluminum profiles are very rigid, and thus elements made from them are very strong.

Aluminum profiles that are used for manufacture of doors and windows are low maintenance, it is more than enough to wipe them with wet cloth. Aluminum profiles are sutable to manufacture of elements that are exposed to high temperature differences. There is also a variety of coolors. One of main advantages of Aluminum doors and windows is that is completely made from natural materials and thus eco friendly and completely recyclable.

Aluminum Windows and doors produced by BOB Ltd. are highly energy efficient and improve your thermal insulation up to 40%. Thanks to the most modern imported PVC profiles and low-emission glass with argon gas filling is possible to achieve low coefficient heat passage (K coefficient) of only 0.5 W/m2K.

A very important thing you should take into account is installation of Aluminum systems where the process of installation and assembling is very important to avoid heat loss on the connections between objects and systems. With our trained team of experienced craftsmen and techincian you will be sure that the installation was performed professionally and thus maximum thermal potential of Aluminum windows and doors will be achieved, and that your Aluminum windows and doors were mounted successfully.

The main advantages of Aluminum windows and doors are:

  • Exceptional strength and the lightweight construction allows them great applicability when it comes to large-area glazing.

  • Longevity and easy maintenance

  • The strength and corrosion resistance
  • Lighter than PVC, because of their weight ideal choice for non-standard large frames

  • Modern design and variety of colors

  • Good sound and thermal insulation (with thermal break)

  • Do not pollute the environment because it is recyclable

  • Great smooth surface (coated raw aluminum)

  • Strong resistance to atmospheric influences

  • Dosta širok izbor profila različitih cena u zavisnosti od namene

  • The possibility of making elements of larger dimensions in comparison to PVC or wood

  • The possibility of installing different systems for opening

  • A weaker thermal insulation and higher price compared to PVC windows.