About us

BOB Ltd. was founded in 1992. It was founded by Milan Vukovljak, and its primary activity was trade. As the company developed over years, so grew the number of employees, equity and a multitude of satisfied customers. Today it has 30 employees, with different qualifications. We have the engineers and all the corresponding licenses, economists, lawyers, highly specialized people for the building and so on. Today, we are proud to to say that we are one of the leading companies in the production and installation of aluminum and PVC doors and windows throughout Serbia. We also have thousands of built in windows of various profiles, doors of different materials, panels …

We also do roof repairs (all shapes and materials), locksmith (metal, steel structures, halls, cold storage …) as well as all the final works in civil engineering.
Because of the multitude of adapted housing units, public institutions (hospitals, schools, colleges, kindergartens, steam power plant, guesthouse for children, market, etc.), satisfied with users of our services, we have an obligation to continue to work with full devotion and precision as we have worked up to now.